2018 Part- and full-time summer research assistants available at NWARC research center. Click here for the application form.


(Not available, already filled up). September 15, 2017. Research Associate position available, apply to the below link.

MSU is an ADA/EEO/Vet Pref Employer



(Not available, already filled up) . March 17, 2017. 2017 Summer Employment Opportunity (2 research assistants needed). Download the announcement and applications forms in this link Seasonal Employment 2017.

(Not available, already filled up) April 20, 2016. Looking for graduate student (Master’s degree program in Plant Science)

My lab is in need of a Graduate Student research Assistant (GRA) and can start as soon as possible as long as requirements in graduate school admission are met. The graduate student will complete M.Sc. degree in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, Montana State University in Bozeman. The research site will be in the Northwestern Agricultural Research Center, Kalispell, Montana.  The stipend/salary is 24,000.00/year.

The crop physiology lab’s fundamental question includes how to increase water and nutrient efficiencies of agricultural crops including evaluation of leading varieties or breeder’s near-isogenic lines.  There will be an opportunity to learn how to design and manage irrigation system, laying out experimental design, use of advanced tools and equipment for measuring crop physiological responses. For additional information, navigate, and

While it takes two years of data collection before writing the student thesis, there is an expectation to publish a review and an extension bulletin within the program duration, and eventually prepare a ready to submit journal articles towards the end of the program.

If you are interested, please email me at Tell me about your background, interest, and long-term goals. Also, please specify why you think my lab would be a good fit for you. Please attach your transcript of records and three list of references with their contact information.

(Not available, already filled up) July 1, 2015. Graduate Research Assistant (Master of Science degree in Range and Animal Biosciences).


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  1. Hi, I am Santosh Upadhyay a graduate in Agriculture Economics from T.U. Nepal. I am interested for RA in animal and rangeland science


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